Import Automotive Makes & Brands

The specialists at Beaman Imports are here to help. Our certified and experienced mechanics use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and technology to perform maintenance and repairs on many types of motor vehicles that might not be listed here. Give us a call to see if we can help you...


Flex A & Flex B, service intervals on your Mercedes Benz are just the manufacturers recommendation.
Our Master Guild Mercedes technician can service and maintain your Mercedes to factory specification below the dealer cost.


Beaman Imports provides BMW factory required service and maintenance and beyond...
Our team at Beaman Imports will bring your BMW up to the performance that you expect from your BMW... The Ultimate Driving Machine!


Mini Coopers have been in the life of Beaman since the 1970's.
Today we have diagnostic capabilities and experience with the New Mini's!


Beaman Imports provides Volvo maintenance and service that will keep your Volvo running safely "for life".


Vorsprung durch Technik, meaning "Advancement through Technology", need we say more?


We strive to meet Volkswagen desire to be THE Car, 'Das Auto'.


As Fernando Porsche would say, "There is no substitute", and might add Beaman Imports to maintain that.

European Automotive Specialists

Our experienced foreign car mechanics can meet your service, repair and maintenance needs on many import automobiles from across the "pond".
European autos, like Volvo, Audi, VW, Land Rover and Jaguar, are no strangers to us.


Our technicians strive to Lexus demand "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection."


Built for the Human Race, and Beaman Imports can keep it that way.


Through proper maintenance your Honda will live up to "The Power of Dreams".

Asian Imports

Beaman Imports has been in import automotive service, repair and maintenance since 1981. Hence, we have experience in working on many vehicles. Vehicles that traditionally were called "Japanese" like Lexus, Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan, Honda, to name a few, are not foreign to us.

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